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With deregulation, “customer choice” options open the doors to a variety of decisions, making it possible for you to choose energy providers and manage your energy in a more transparent environment. This process is time-consuming and can be confusing. The purchasing process can be frustrating, especially when dealing with energy providers and consultants that have their own interests in mind. You may ask yourself:

  • Is today the best time to hedge my energy?
  • How long is the term that I should lock-in?
  • Will my supplier be accessible after I sign their contract?

Tybec Energy can weed through the sales pitch and distill the facts, blending them into a cohesive energy plan your company can depend on. Tybec Energy has the experience necessary to help you balance expectations with calm, deliberate advice in volatile markets. Our prior experience with and employment in the regulated and deregulated energy industries will help to clarify the buying process so you can concentrate on managing your business.

Our Services

Tybec Energy offers energy purchasing consultation to businesses that want to spend their time focusing on what truly matters—their customers. With a customized strategy in place, we'll help you avoid costly mistakes and secure the best deals to meet your company's needs.

President & CEO

Tod Sherman

Before founding Tybec Energy, Tod served as an industrial and commercial sales representative and distribution engineer at UGI Utilities, Inc. His 25 years in the industry led him to create a consulting solution for businesses looking to secure transparent and dependable energy solutions.

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Doug Snyder

A proud graduate of PSU, Doug brings more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector to Tybec Energy. Having brokered deals in both regulated and unregulated markets while with UGI Utilities Inc., Doug has devoted his entire career to energy efficiency and energy management.

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